“Fuck it
is a new book made by Michele Sibiloni
published by Edition Patrick Frey.

“The photographs were taken in Kampala at night from 2011 and 2014.
I moved to Uganda in Kampala in 2011, coming from a small and quiet town in Emilia Romagna I was immediately captured by the amount of people in the street and the amount of things that were happening at night. I had the need to be out and photograph what I was living, being often busy traveling in the region covering news and current events, every time i was back in Kampala i wanted to be out and explore, it was my way to be free. I have been visiting bars, clubs, streets, ghettos, private parties, night churches. I portrayed the people of the night: security guards, taxi drivers, friends, teenagers, prostitutes, performers.
I felt that at night social classes did not matter anymore, people are mixing and using each other in different ways.”

the book


June 16th 2016

Fuck it Exhibition and Party @ Gigantic



Sandra About her tattoo

Sandra is one of the characters in the book, here she is explaining why she decided to make such a tattoo on her.

Michele Sibiloni